Welcome to the SCYDA Softball Website!
Welcome to the SCYDA Softball Website!

Welcome to the SCYDA Softball Website!
Welcome to the SCYDA Softball Website!


1. Buddy Carlyle-AA Coach Mobile BayBears, former MLB Pitcher for Braves, Mets

​2.  Kyle Love- Carolina Panthers DT

3. Michael Taylor- Former MLB OF

4. Jay Cutler- Former NFL QB

5. Mark Lowe- former MLB Pitcher

6. Brandon Morrow- former MLB Pitcher

7. Dustin McGowan- former MLB Pitcher

8. Ryan Reed- NASCAR Driver

10. Patrick Peterson- Cardinals CB

11. Walker Vivian- MMA Fighter

12. Sam Fuld- former MLB Outfielder

13. Scott Verplank- Pro Golf

14. Matthew Scott-SCYDA Softball Founder

Saturday, October 3rd, 2020

How the Softball Game started.

 July 2014, Dr. Chris Houk approached Matthew Scott  with the idea of having an event to raise diabetes awareness and money to benefit the South Carolina Youth Diabetes Association, or SCYDA.  A softball game seemed like the perfect dea!.                                       


Matthew reached out to  MLB friends asking for help.  Buddy Carlyle,  Type 1 Diabetic and pitcher for the New York Mets, graciously agreed to come and play.  Michael Taylor, Type 1 Diabetic and outfielder with the Charlotte Knights and Chicago White Sox agreed to an interview for the SCYDA game.  Jordan Danks, Charlotte Knights and Chicago White Sox outfielder  was interested in helping and sent a video wishing us good luck in our first game.  And, Carlos Torres and Dylan Axelrod sent several autographed items for the silent auction.  


The game and auction were successful!  Everyone had fun, and we raised $895.00 for SCYDA.  How many kids can say they spent a Saturday playing softball with an MLB pitcher?  SCYDA softball is definitely one of the few perks of having Type 1 Diabetes.

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​​        October 3rd, 2020
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