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 Softball History

SCYDA Softball Game History


    SCYDA Softball started as an effort to raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and the children/teens and families that live with this disease.  All sports items for the auction were donated out of the kindness of individual athletes.  All money raised goes to SCYDA to help provide a diabetes summer camping experience to all children living with this disease.

     Camp Sweet Escape, Midlands and Upstate, both provide a chance for children living with T1D to "be normal".  Counting carbohydrates, poking fingers, giving shots/wearing an insulin pump, are all part of the daily routine at these camps.  Medical staff provide care and supervision during all activities as well as during the night.  This allows kids to be kids in a safe environment.

     SCYDA Softball is also a support event for children and families living with T1D.  It provides a day of fun with others that are experiencing the same things they are.   We are very appreciative of Buddy Carlyle, Michael Taylor, and Jordan Danks' help with the very first SCYDA softball game in 2014.  The City of Mauldin, S.C.  was also gracious enough to provide the recreational facilities to host our game.  We hope this event grows for many years to come.   

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