Kyle Farnsworth: 2015 SCYDA Softball Home Run Derby Winner

Home Run Derby History

Palmer Hudson on the mound!

Matthew Scott with 2017 winner Adam Westmoreland

 The 2015 Home Run Derby was the first of many in SCYDA Softball History. Highlighted by names such as Kyle Martin, Kyle Farnsworth, C.J Jones, Jose Alverez, Robert Smith, and Tommy Biershenk. Farnsworth was this years winner with 7 Home Runs followed by John Cauthen with 5 Home Runs. All of the participants had fun and are looking forward to next years Home Run Derby.   

Ryne Slack: 2018 Home Run Derby Winner

2019 Winners; Benji Johnson- Men's, Anna Kimbrell-Women's

Nick Ciuffo-2018

1st Annual Home Run Derby Totals: Farnsworth-7, J. Cauthen-5, L. Sowell-3, K.Martin- 4, M.Scott-2,  J.Alverez- 2 , P.Hudson-1, A.Stovall- 1, K. Bowen- 1, C.J Jones- 4 , R. Smith- 4, T. Biershenk-1. Also participated: Chandler Norville, Steven Scott, Kobe Jones, Courtney Hamilton.    

Matthew Scott with the 2016 winner Benji Johnson

Jose Alvarez enjoying a moment in the 2015 home run derby.

Ok, who's turn is it to TRY to keep Kyle Martin's next one from going over the fence???